Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Witchie Witchie... Screamie Screamie... Happy Happy, Halloweenie!!

Look at these little spooks~ Mine are the 2 goths and the little lion.

Last night the children couldn't get to sleep. It was almost as exciting as the arrival of the fat, jolly man from the north. Except this time the children could go door to door collecting 'gifts' from friends and total strangers. I remember this labor of love as a child- that is until I got home and found my sack full of crappy candy- like Mary Jane's and peanut butter kisses. I opened up my kids sacks tonight (sort of a once over scan to see if there was anything I might wan- er, um.... to make sure there wasn't anything dangerous in there) and there was only 1 MJ. The kids scored. Many thanks to Joon for taking the kids out while I gave out the candy.

** Warning: Here's where I go into my rant about the andy-kay. This year we had a few candy levels.
  • Level 1- was the animal crackers for tots up to 3.
  • Level 2- was the run of the mill nerds, twizzlers, general candy assortment that is pleasing to most.
  • Level 3- was the grand poobah... that's right- the full size candy bar (of my choice, I might add) for the kids I like and those over say- age 9.

Imagine my surprise when as I was handing out the candy, this kid looks at me and says," I don't like M&M's. Can I have something else?"
WHAT?!?!? I am sorry, this isn't freakin' Burger King! You can't have it your way! Now get off my front porch. Oh, and give me back my candy! (Okay, so that is how it went in my head.) It really went like this, "Sure hun. What kind would you like?" I only look like a mean witch!

We had a little lion who wasn't really all that happy by the end of the night...

That is until the candy came in.....

And Oh, Nelly were we a happy bunch!!!

Happy Spooking!


pamo said...

you are very nice to have levels, i just have one kind of candy.

Kristie and Roger said...

holy crap, I thought that was your mom in the costume......