Friday, November 9, 2007


Well, like Pam I guess I am blogging late into the night, and the children have been asleep long enough that I miss them. But, tomorrow will come with all the stunts, craziness and minutia that I love so much, and I will once again wish that they were asleep. :) I do wish that there were a happy-medium that I could enjoy for just the morning and then let the antics begin. But alas, that is not my life. So instead, I reflect on the past week and I will share some of the best "little moments" with you.

And he knows it, too.

Mmm.. Pot roast, apple juice and ... Mrs. ButterWorth's?

Snuggling up.

Child Labor.


Our new dog, Flopps.

At the park. (In my heels, no less... )

Clearly 2 Binkees are better than one.

I love being a baby!

Little moments are usually the big things in my life. Thanks for being part of my... no, our week.


pamo said...

those boys are so cute and yet have a slightly mischevious look about them. i love your kids. i love addie's no nonsense attitude and i love the boys sweetness. i totally know what you mean about loving them just a teeny bit more when they are asleep!

sorry for not telling you directly that i am with child - milli really has been breaking the news in general. but dont' feel too bad, most of the ward doesn't know yet.

pamo said...

oh and i have to tell you sometimes i'm up really late and i'll be taking out the garbage at 1 AM and your kitchen light will be the only other one on....what's wrong with us? why can't we go to sleep at a decent time?

jodi said...

because you two are manic sister Beach. Those of us who are not are in bed at a decent hour (when the sleeping aid kicks in).

Now about those pictures. Look at you making pot roast! What is up with that when bro mil is not home? What a super mom you are. If it were me I'd be throwing the pizza rolls in the microwave and praying that they get done fast enough.

jodi said...

and I have to admit that I really like the music when you have cool stuff like the verve playing. (I'm whispering in your ear that you should remove all the country music because I find it offensive)