Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Annual Rudd Christmas Party

Every year, my mom's family throws a Christmas party and it is usually pretty fun. This year was a bummer because my gramps passed away only a few short months ago. He was so sassy, and that is what always made the party a "PAR-TAY". The party was much fun, so I will share some of the good pics I snapped.

Jack wasn't sure about Santa.. that is until he produced a candy cane. Then Jack was totally down with Santa.

Before food:

After food:

Braxton with Santa... explaining the condition of his room (oh no!).

Addie with Santa. Telling him she wants only 2 things: an ipod and a Nintendo DS. Hey, at least they're cheap gifts.

My Gramma is the best in the west! She is a card carrying member of the red hat club. And she tells everyone. I love her!!

Gramma and Addie.

Grams has some Alzheimer's, as evident in the following video. She forgets what she is doing and figures "to hell with it... I will do a little dance number, instead". She's the best!

Gramma's got skills! At least according to Braxton.


pamo said...

so is santa visiting based on the state of braxton's room? just so you know, milli and kella think santa isn't coming to your house at all since there are no lights up!

jodi said...

oddly, your grandmother reminds me of you! Oh I LOVE her!

Kristie and Roger said...

I love my mom............I was so happy to see that....thanks