Tuesday, March 11, 2008

An ode to my BFF

This shirt I almost bought for one of us, then I realized. . . who would own it?

I have been thinking a lot about Joon for the past week, and more regrettably thinking about being unable to do much for her to celebrate her birthday. I figure she pretty much had a crappy one this year, especially since she'd been cut up and sewn back together all in one day (which happened to be ON her birthday). And since we have been trying to figure out when we could take the same trip that our DH's took over a year ago and haven't found the time (mostly my fault), I figure the "make-up" birthday may fall into this category as well (again, probably my fault). But, whatever the case, I just think that it is time that EVERYONE know how great my BFF is.

Top 10 reasons why my BFF is better than yours:
#10 She helps me plan little shenanigans to keep us from going crazy.
#9 She is always telling me nice things about me and she makes me feel important.
#8 Most of the conversations I have with her end up with us laughing so hard we are in tears (eg a whole new...world?, the ken doll, Farley, the wedding photo convo...etc) .
#7 She holds me accountable to work out - - even when I don't want to.
#6 She would move heaven and earth to help me if I were in a bind (which has happened many times).
#5 She is the only person in the world that is thinking the same thing I am, at the exact same time.
#4 She is the most patient mother I have EVER met and doesn't swear in front of her kids! WoW!!!
#3 She is always looking for someone to help.
#2 I can ask her if I look fat in a pair of pants and she would look for something nice to say like, "well, I like your shirt." instead of telling me I look fat!
And the Number 1 reason:
She is the WHOLE reason I am not bald (from pulling my hair out), she helps me maintain my crazy life and is the best listener in the world.

I love ya Joon!!!! Happy Birthday!


pamo said...

oh i don't feel bad about the whole cutting up thing....i mean, that's what she wanted!

and yes, she is fantastic.

cathy said...

we all love you Joon! Happy Birthday!

jodi said...

Oh my. That made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and its not from taking too much Lortab. I love ya!