Sunday, May 11, 2008


Let's face it.... at the risk of sounding like a pouty child, I am going to throw this one out there. Hopefully it doesn't sound like it as you read on, but I hope you stick with me here.

I am going to be brutally honest, and I hope that I don't come across as a little black rain cloud, because I am not trying to be one. But this is relevant, so stick with me. I don't like mothers day. There- I said it. That's right. I don't. I did when I was a kid, because I had the best mother in the whole world, and there are a lot of days when I just feel like I don't measure up. Granted my mother had her flaws, and maybe she yelled a lot more than I remember her doing, but overall I would give her a "10". And I miss ehr a whole lot... probably more than I can articulate. That's why I don't like Mother's Day. Certainly my children did a great job in making my day a happy one... I was in Billings, MT early Sunday morning, and flew back only to have my phone ring in the car on the way home.... it was Braxton.

"Mom, can you stop at the store on your way home?"
"Why son, what do you need?"
"Nothing mom, we just aren't ready for you to come home yet. "
"Okay son, I will drive around for a while. Call me when you're done."
45 minutes later....

"Okay mom.. we're almost done..."

This was the best part of my day:

Addie made me the cutest picture that she sewed at school, and the corsage that Braxton made me (wrapped by Addie and Brax in paper and band-aids, because they couldn't find any tape). My husband bought me a beautiful necklace and an outfit that I love, and Jack.... oh, Jack. The card with his handprint and picture on it brought tears to my eyes and made me forget the stinging that my heart felt all morning. Thanks my little family... thanks.

Oh, and by the way... Happy Mother's Day, mom... I love you.


Kristie and Roger said...

Hard to read Tiff. I miss her a lot too.
I know she is proud of the woman you have become.

ramsudd3 said...

I am so glad that I read this today. I miss your mom so much too Tiff. You are a good mom and don't ever forget that o.k. I feel like you at times that I do not like mother's day as well there are many times I feel like I have failed as a mother but then something happens and it reminds me that none of us are perfect and we need to stop being so hard on ourselves. I am so glad you had a nice day I did as well so Thank Heavens for us being Moms. Love ya, Aunt Nan

Kevan and Jill said...

How cute are your kids and their presents for you! Definately made me smile.

pamo said...

you look like your mom. and that handprint card made me cry too.