Monday, November 12, 2007

My Favorite Things

I think most of my friends would be able to tell you spot on what I love the most. I love the usual things, like my dear husband & crazy children; my fantastic friends; my car and home. But it's time that the little things in life be given some recognition!

I submit the following for your consideration:

There's nothing better than a good set of black, pointy heels. No, I'm serious!

Diet Coke with Lime...mmmm....

Dinah Washington- - Sings "Relax, Max"
(And any other good old jazz music.)

Funny Faces

And, my mom.
(Thanksgiving was her favorite holiday. )


pamo said...

1. you look just like your mom
2. i love your shoe choices but i have to tell you there is no way on earth my feet would ever fit into shoes like that....beware the bunions tiff!

Ynaffit said...

1. I've never heard THAT before...
2. Bunions, schmunions. Fashion tip: Beauty before comfort. ;)

You need to look into foot binding.

jodi said...

oh how I love this post. I love you for all four of those favorite things girlie.

jodi said...

I guess its five.

Kristie and Roger said...

that last pic.............tore me up