Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Major Meague Mama

Well, I have officially arrived. I have entered the next era as a mom. Driving kids to games and practices now define my Monday and Wednesday evening activities. Which, don't get me wrong, I knew was part of the plan when I became a Miller. You see, in the Miller Clan, sports is a must. Excelling at sports is also a must. So, when Braxton started T-Ball this week, I knew the pressure was on: Go BIG- or GO HOME! I have long been hesitant to put him in sports, because he is so sweet, and I didn't want that to be replaced by macho, sports-guy attitude. Now, when it comes to football, I don't think I will be as happy to allow him to play, but having married you-know-who, I do believe it is inevitable. At least in T-Ball theres little to no contact, which makes me happy. At least he won't get pummeled by the other kids. As far as how he's doing? He has gotten along well in his new found place in the world, much to my appeasement. I am one proud mama! He's a natural, which comes from me- regardless of what my husband says. He makes things up all the time.... :o).


bradnlisa said...

He certainly LOOKS pro! And I definately think he got his sweet skills from his maternal side of the family. And his ability to wear tight spandex pants. Love those things!!