Monday, December 8, 2008

I'm paralyzed.

That's it... I HATE WINTER!!! There- I said it.

Snow, sickness, stalkers (that's for you know who), my furnace, my pets, and just about anything that needs anything from me today. I hate all of it. I am sick today, so I think since I am in a rotten mood, I will make a list of things that REALLY grind my gears.

Here I lay in bed, trapped by the completely moronic Imagination Movers. We'll start there. When I was growing up and a show, commercial or song we really hated came on we would freeze completely until it was off and say, "I'm paralyzed!!". Well today, my friends, for the moment "I am paralyzed!!!".

And that Daniel Cook HAS TO GO!!! Don't even get me started on him or that lame Emily Young..... argh!!! I want to rip my hair out!!!

Poopy diapers. Especially Jackson's. He's hiding behind the chair right now, so I am pretty sure when he emerges waterey eyed and red faced- well then, you know. Potty training is hit and miss...pardon the obvious play on words.

Guadalajara, Mexico.
Si. Nuf said. Will be there on Thursday... damn.

Hidden homework.

Me: "Do you have any homework?"
Addie: "No mom!"

5 hours later....

Addie "Mom, can you help me with my divisions??"

Kathy McKibbis-schlimmi-ding-a-linger.... whatever her damn last name is. I still get phone calls for this lady. Collection phone calls. Nursing home phone calls from her father's nurse. Doctor's office phone calls. And I have had my phone number for 4 years. I told one of them when they finally get ahold of her to tell her to stop giving my phone number out, and pay her freakin' bills!!!!

Ok, I need to go get in the shower and cry. Pray for all of us. Really. We're lookin at certain death and destruction. (Ok, not really, but I am sick.)


Kristie and Roger said...

Im just glad to see you blogged a bit.
Sitting here for some kind of words of wisdom I can give you that would change your entire life. The kind that you would make plaques out of and have on your stationary.........and carve on your head stone.
Only thing I can think to say to you is.........Life Just Sucks.......many times, Grab a straw!!!!

JOHNICA said...


I don't even have words..

tim&elle said...

'I know she was your Mother, but..."--kind of awkward...if you catch my drift. Anyways, I have seen everywhere that you are having a horrendous day and I thought I would say--just wait til I get there! You haven't seen bad yet...jk. Sorry you aren't feeling well, but I have to say I am more sorry for anyone who gets in your way! You need a 'don't mess with me' shirt or something as a warning. Ewe, good Christmas present idea...:) See you soon.

u can call me R-foo said...

ahh, i've missed you. :)

The Aller Five said...

OMG!! you are so funny!! You said everything so perfect about those stupid shows... I feel the same way, why do they torture the adults? Your blog is so fun to read, and I hope you are doing well! I wish I could say the same about winter, but I now live in Florida and winter Rocks!!!! :)