Tuesday, October 28, 2008


That's how much of my 401K I lost last quarter... Lord only knows how much I have lost since then. As I was opening my statement, I was visibly sickened. The only thing that could have made me laugh in this situation was the following exchange:

Addie: " What's wrong mom?"
Me: "Oh, nothing."
Addie: "Mom... it isn't nothing. You look sad."
Me: "Mom just lost a bunch of money."
Addie: "Well, we'll help you find it."
Brax: "Yah, mom... I have 7 dollars.."
Me: "Thanks guys, but I lost it in the stock market."
Addie: "Oh... hmm... well, what was the money for?"
Me: "For when mom gets old and retires. It's so that I can have money."
Addie: "Well, when are you going to retire? You're already old."
Me: "Thanks Addie."
Brax: " I feel soooo bad for you mom!"

long pause.....

Addie: " It's okay mom, I'll pay for your nursing home."

And with that I laughed until my sides hurt. The only request I have is that Joon and I be room mates at the Coventry. Otherwise, I ain't a-goin'!

I overheard them down the hall about 15 minutes later:
Brax: " I still feel so bad for mom..."
Addie: "Brax-ton, I ALREADY told you!! I'm going to pay for mom's nursing home!"


Jenn E said...

That is hilarious. Does it make you feel any better to know that Eric's is down 30%+? I'm just going to live in denial. Both of my big kids told me they will not change my diapers when I'm old. I don't know what I'll do.

Kevan and Jill said...

Love it!

Nettie said...

Your kids are hilarious! You're such fun neighbors.

The Aller Five said...

Okay I read your shoes and boots posts. I too am a huge fan of Boots, I wear them when ever I can!! I have been wanting to find a nice pair of black ones, and still can squeeze it in our budget yet. Love your shoe collection; maybe I can borrow a pair sometime? j/k Cammy

Heistermanfamily said...

Hilarious! A true LOL moment! Rob and I think that your kids are so cute, I love it when Braxton comes and hangs out here, he has such a fun personality.

u can call me R-foo said...

hahaha! oh, Tiff, you are such a breath of fresh air. i adore you! and i loooooved flying with you Friday. you're my new fave FA. :) right next to the one that says Cynnnnnthiaaaaa!!! lol.

love ya!

Soccerbum said...

WHOA!!! Mine has actually gained 2%, so maybe I can help pay for your nursing home too!!!