Saturday, January 5, 2008

Jack n' Flops

Our dog "Mr. Flops" has been a fabulous addition to our house. Jack is in love with him and the other kids regularly play with him and take care of his maintenance issues, like the hole we found by his tail. I was able to stitch it up in no time and 'voila!', good as new. You can't do that with a real dog.

(Exaggerated pause for the mental imagery.)

At any rate, we now have run into a few problems. Mr. Flops sleeps in the same room as Jack and Braxton. No problem there, really- I mean he is an over sized stuffed dog toy who makes no noise. The problem I am having is that one day right before Jack went to sleep, Braxton introduced Jack to the pleasures of having a really soft, doggie shaped pillow in his crib. (GASP!!) I know, I KNOW! You don't need to tell me- I have the motherly internal movie player that allows horrific incidents involving my children to play right before my eyes as a warning of what could come, or might possibly happen due to my poor mothering. (Come on, you know you have that too!)

So, after a lengthly conversation with Braxton on the virtues of not smothering your baby brother by allowing Flops to Shack Up with Jack, I thought we had a deal. Well, Jack liked the idea of having Mr. Flops in his crib. At this point I had a clear cut, moral dilemma. Banish Flops to the basement, or hope that Jack and he could come to an understanding that sleeping together just isn't a good idea. Braxton felt bad for Jack, so this is what I got a glimpse of when I went in to check on Jack yesterday.

Well, it looks as if Mr. Flops is going to the basement. Goodnight, Mr. Flops. We will miss you.


pamo said...

oh no! is jack going to be ok if you take flops away? what about lovey? is lovey allowed?