Friday, January 18, 2008

Short Cuts

I just wanted to put this picture here, because it is cute. It really has nothing to do with this post.

Well, here we were last night going through several rolls (21, to be exact) of film that I have never had developed (I know, I know....). Since I finally got sick of that weighing on my shoulders, I figured I had better do something about it. So, I dropped them off at Sam's Club and the guys face was priceless. I told him that this was 6 years of my life that I needed help developing, and he happily obliged (as the sounds of cash registers were dancing in his head, cha-ching$$)! (There are some great pics that need to be blogged... but, we'll get into that later.)

At any rate, we came across a stack of pics taken at Universal Studios and DisneyLand. As luck would have it Addison said to me that she really liked her hair in one particular picture. It was cute and short. (Inside I was beaming, since I have wanted to cut her hair for a while now.) So, I asked her if she wanted to get it cut again. She said yes. If it hadn't been 1030pm I probably would have left skid marks in the driveway to go get it done before she changed her mind. But I let my own conscience prevail, and said she could sleep on it and decide again in the morning. She did, and she said okay.... so here we were this morning:

And Now:

I am loving this cut. It just goes to show that Addie looks better with short hair than long hair. I LOVE IT!


jodi said...

as I recall she said to me this morning "my mom is making me do this". Loving Jacks devilish face.

Jenn Elison said...

So cute! I wish I could get my hair to look like that.

pamo said...

ooo. she's brave!

Day Family said...

It is so fun to see the photos of your kids! Too cute!

MrV said... record was 17 rolls, now I don't feel so bad. I was developing photos of my daughter 1st day of kindergarted along wih pics of the day she was born, all of this during the summer when she was 8 yrs old. Thank goodness for digital camras....