Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Snowfolk and such

Snow tantrum courtesy of Braxton.

So, first thing this morning my phone rings and it's my sweet BFF calling to see if I want to have her DH come down and snow blow my drive and sidewalks (again). (I mean to tell you, what would I do without them?) Of course I say, "Uh, No. Surely it isn't THAT bad, right?" She tells me, "12 feet bad", which I knew not to be the case since my roof was indeed holding up. (My mind now rewinds to the time when I was in High School and my dad had to climb up on our roof and shovel the snow off or, in his words, "if I don't, all hell is gonna break loose".) I knew she was lying, but I eventually discovered that she was not off by much. You see, the snow started off rather innocently enough, a flake here and a flake there. Last night I watched our fair Kevin Eubank as he eluded to the idea of a bunch of snow all around. But truthfully, I wasn't buying what he was selling, even if he did have that damn white coat on. You see, recently (more often than not) the SLC weather boys have gotten it all wrong. (Chicken Little comes to mind, "The sky is falling... the sky is falling!" Yeah, right.)

Well, this time the sky DID fall. In fact, it came crashing down and it all happened right in my front yard. Joon wasn't kidding, it was/is bad. Considering I grew up in Utah, one would think I would know a thing or two about blustery winter days. And I do.... except that we moved to Henderson, NV for a few years where the only thing I had to shovel was the occasional dog poop off my grass. Yeah, I would say that I became somewhat spoiled. I know, I have lived back in Utah for over 3 years, and you might think I would have brains enough to have invested in a snow shovel by now. Not so much. I am holding out... surely with all this global warming hoopla, sooner or later I will have tropical winters, right? That is what I am holding out for. But in the mean time, I will tell you how I got to rolling snowballs in my front yard today.

We built a snowperson. (That's right, a snowperson.... just in case the PC police are afoot.) I mean, what else you gonna do when your walks are completely covered with snow and you don't own a snow shovel? I certainly thought it was a brilliant plan to remove most of the 10+" of snow off the walks and then finish it off with the flat garden shovel. I have to say that it worked very well. I really enjoyed being a snow bunny once again, but more than anything I enjoyed not slipping on my own walkway. So, when I wake up tomorrow morning really sore, I am gonna regret it. But for now, it really was fun and we enjoyed working together as a family to get it finished quickly (before I lost my steam, and temper). Now, if someone comes by and takes it out, I am gonna break some tender limbs. So, fair warning: don't get any ideas!


pamo said...

i'm so impressed. i'm much too weak and fragile for this kind of snow. you're a fun mom! and we need to all pitch in and buy you a shovel??

jodi said...

We only do stuff like that for you in hopes that you'll bake us some of your fab treats. You do look rather dashing in your snow gear.