Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hello, my name is Tiffany, and I am a knee-boot-aholic. It's been 2 months since my last purchase.

When I was in high school I developed a deep, passionate love for all things fashion. In fact, when my high school sweetheart* dumped me out of the blue, I vowed to move to New York, never to be married (or have children for that matter), and make it big and famous in the fashion world as a fashionista, or plan B was to become a Broadway singer/actress. (Of course, you will note the absolutely striking similarities between who/what I am today and what I wanted to become.:) Ok, not so much.)

As the years have floated by (what has it been 6 or so? Maybe a few more, but what the hell- who's counting?) I have maintained my love for fashion, trying to stay hip and fashionable as I have become olddddd... My love for shoes, handbags and clothing is only surpassed by my love for Lime Diet Coke. :)(Could someone fetch me one, please?)

As my husband can attest, I have never met a fabulous set of boots I didn't love/adore. Especially ones that are knee high, have long pointy toes, and spike 3-4" heels. (Que the angelic chorus!) So, recently I was THRILLED (to say the least) that our work uniform guidelines now allow us to wear said boots with our uniform. When that guideline was approved, I promptly called the Head Honcho and asked where I could send the bouquet of flowers.. but I got her voice mail so I hung up. Oh, how happy am I?? Immediately I started planning which boots to wear with which dress. I am talking kid on Christmas morning happy (so, for all you nay-sayers, there you have it: it really is the little things that make me happy). You getting all this?

As I went to my closet, I approached with some caution... after all, I knew I had a few pairs of black, high heel knee boots.... but since each has a special place in my heart, I lost track of them a while ago. Honestly, I feel sheepish in the following admission, since nothing could have prepared me for the unearthing of 7 pair of black, knee high boots... that's right, I said 7. This of course doesn't include any other boots in my closet: not the brown boots, not the shoe boots, not any other type of boots I may own.

And while I will never admit to this in person (so don't ask me to because I swear I will deny it in any conversation from here on out)...I think I may have a problem.

Oh, and maybe one day I'll still run away to New York... well, in my dreams anyway.

*What a total jackass


bradnlisa said...

You are a girl after my own heart! I also love shoes and if I had to have 'work attire' it would be just one MORE reason to purchase new shoes. I have always loved your shoe collection--and I'm glad Jack appreciates the finer things in life!!!

JOHNICA said...

I wish I could fit my fat cankles in my hooker boots...I mean I could fit, but it'd look like I had two sausage links for legs

cathy said...

nothing better than hooker boots!