Monday, October 27, 2008

Nice Suits...

Right off the bat you will notice the title of this post. At first, it will not make sense to you since the correlation between "nice suits" and a wonderful relaxing weekend Halloween party seems quite the stretch. Believe you me, by the end I will have wrapped it up nicely and handed it to you with a nice bow on top. Promise. And, for the record I drove... *GASP!!*

First of all, Kudos are in order to Gramma Kristine and Poppy Rick for putting together a wonderful weekend getaway. Kristine (having been a 2nd grade teacher) always has LOTS of fabulous activities planned for the kiddies, and this party was no exception. She plans everything out to the T and I always leave each event feeling blessed that she is part of my kids lives. She is amazing to say the least. This year we carved pumpkins, made candle votive holders with spooky eyes, ate lots of yummy food, and spent a few hours soaking in the natural hot tubs of Lava Hot Springs. Kristine made arrangements for us to stay in this fabulously charming old school house that has been renovated into a place you can rent out and hold such activities. There are

lots of beds, plenty of room to spread out and though old, it has so much charm, it's beyond description. Plus, it has lots of trap doors, a stairway leading to no where- literally, and would be an uber excellent place for an adult game of hide and go seek in the dark or by candlelight. Guaranteed to scare the crap out of anyone. :) Perhaps next year. My brother Kevan said the basement reminded him of something from The Shining- - of course he always has been a pansy.

There was an indoor gymnasium and the kids had a riot playing ball, and riding on the flying turtles. Braxton and Jason had races and Poppy ended up throwing out his back in the process.

Addie threw a tea party before bed, and yes- you will notice that I am wearing my jammies with footies. (One of the perks of being 5'1" is being able to still shop in the kids section . Which means that I can still buy footie jammies!) I am not proud. :) And yes... I have no make up on... heck- give me a break I just got back from the hot tubs. The next morning we had a wonderful breakfast consisting of my pull aparts and eggs and sausage. YUUUMMMM!!!

So here's the best part of the story:
At the conclusion of the night, gramma stayed behind and got the kids settled into a movie and my brother, his wife Jill, my dad and I all snuck out to the springs for a night time soak. Being about 8:00 it was rather dark and cool- perfect for a visit to the hot springs. As we arrived and settled in we noticed a couple of girls (early 20's ) taking lots of pictures. Everything seemed fine until frame 643. .. at which time we started asking, "what in THE hell are they doing?". Once the photo shoot concluded things got even stranger. In a deeper section of the pool there is a horizontal bar sticking up out of the water. After hanging on that for a while they split up. One girl starting hugging the rock wall and doing pull ups. She apparently really liked this wall, since she was really getting into it (ie making out with the wall). Not to be out done, the other girl started posing on one of the wooden decks they have around the outer edges of the pool. She was pretty much posing as if to "tan" in the moon light, and at the conclusion of her moonlight tanning session, she grabbed on to a pole and swung around it. It came pretty naturally to her, so we figured she must be a stripper or something of the sort.

Weeeelllll, by this time, Jill and I couldn't handle it any longer. Being the sexiest girls there, we figured we'd better start reclaiming our territory that was being invaded by novices. (Actually we were mocking the crap out of these girls). I threw my legs up on the rail, Jill withered her body and we laughed uncontrollably. Apparently these girls didn't like what we were doing, because on the way out as we passed them they yelled, "Nice suits!" Apparently the best thing they could come up with. And yes, they are nice suits actually.


pamo said...

oh i love this story.

and your kids seemed very excited to go.

Kevan and Jill said...

Very well put Tiff! I'll never forget that wonderful weekend and our "nice suits"!

JOHNICA said...

Ya know, I really did like your suits but my friends are kinda jerks. And yes, I am a stripper so back off.

ramsudd3 said...

All I can say Tiff is I just love your blogs they always put a smile on my face. I love the music as well. I am so glad you were able to have a great weekend with your dad and Christine. Love ya, Nan