Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Could it be??

School started a while ago (3 weeks), and as tradition goes, most mom's do the annual first day photo. This year was certainly no exception. It went something like this:

Me: "Kids, get over here lets get a picture."
Kids: "But mom..."
Me: "Come on... right here in front of the sign. You guys look great!"
Kids: "Fine... but hurry there's our friends and we need to see who our teachers are!"
Snap! Great!!

20 minutes later in the car, I decide to look over my handiwork. Perhaps you will think the same thing I did when I looked at this picture:

I said to myself, " Is that the same child??" For all of those of you that think Addie looks like me and Braxton looks like Ryan, I submit this as proof positive that none of my children look like me. Case Closed!


pamo said...

oh they are so cute. and even if addie doesn't look like you, she acts like you. full of sass!

jodi said...

have you ever read the book "are you my mother?" Why don't you write one that is "Are you my children?"