Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Damn it all!!

My gramps (Sam) used to say, "Damn it all, Margie!" to just about anything that didn't suit his fancy. In fact, that was my favorite thing to hear since I would smile from ear to ear when he said it, mostly because of the way it was delivered. So, what does that have to do with this post? Well, I will tell you. I have had a "damn it all" day.

Let's start at the beginning. I didn't sleep particularly well last night and spent a few hours watching infomercials for various products. I sheepishly admit that I ended up ordering a few items that perhaps I shouldn't have. That belongs into the "Do NOT tell Ryan" category. At nearly 1 AM I decided that I would go to sleep, considering that the children rise at 7 I didn't have much time to play with. I am a full 10 hrs of sleep kinda gal... anything less than that is simply an insult. At 7 AM the alarm went off with it's usual irritatingly sweet "Good Morning" chime. I went in to wake the children and noticed Jack was completely nude. OHHHH GRRRRREEEAAATTTT!!!! I said (Ok, it really consisted of another 4 letter word, begins with S ends with T, but that's neither here nor there).

After removing Jackson from his crib and surveying the damage, I knew I had a major clean up project on the agenda for today. Grand! So, I plopped Jack into the tub and began to remove his bedding and accoutrements. Braxton seems to think that Jack needs to have a party at his crib every night. Those invited are the 2 Lions (Li-Li), 2 Bears (Max and baby Max), Mr. Flops, another Dog (Ralph) and Big Bunny. From what I understand it is THE PLACE to be. A real par-tay. Needless to say, all of those friends were subjected to a 'shower'. So, into the wash everyone went. At about 11 I went down to remove the load in the washer and move it to the dryer. This normally takes about 4 minutes to do. Upon my return upstairs the following scene greeted me:

Do you ever have those times where if you don't laugh, you are gonna cry? Well, this fell into both categories!! At which time I promplty picked up the phone and called Jodi (in the interest of Jackson's welfare). She listened to me as I cried/laughed. She's the best! After I hung up I looked at the mess, which consisted of 7 eggs, 4 on my carpet and 3 on my wood floor. I broke down and cried (like a big fat baby!!). As I was scooping up the egg mess my mothers voice came to my head. She said, "Don't you remember the time when you and Jeremy broke all of our eggs on the kitchen floor? We were so broke and you two broke all of those eggs. Remember dad put you in jail and fed you both bread and water for dinner?" I do remember that! I haven't been forward with my friends and told them that I have a record. Okay, my time served was under the crib with the side rails down, and I was 3 at the time- but it was close enough!! :). And yes, we did have bread and water for dinner.

As I cleaned up yet another mess, I felt her telling me how hard it was to raise 4 boys, and I felt a wave of understanding wash over me. At least I knew that she was there wiping my tears as I wiped up the goopy mess.
And yes, Jackson was sentenced this afternoon... to a nap.

"Damn it all, Margie!"


jodi said...

in defence of Jack....why do you have the eggs so low in your fridge?

pamo said...

oh tiff. i'm so sorry to hear this. really, i don't think i've been tested to this point yet. eggs in the carpet. i'd yell, at the tip top of my lungs.

Kristie and Roger said...

Best Phrase known to man........
Cute story about your mom. We used to watch the movie, Please Don't Eat the Daisy's" where they kept the two year old in a cage.
Brought back memories

smodi said...

Sorry Tiffany, I would of come over and helped clean up. I quit working when Chris was 3 and Nettie was 4 and for a surprise they made me cherry jello in the middle of their bedroom floor. A nice big blob of red jello in the middle of our brand new carpet we just had installed. I think I said a few choice words that didn't begin with s and end with t!!!

ramsudd3 said...

Well Tiff you use the same favorite word I use S--T it's a keeper especially in days like you just had. I can totally hear my mom saying those things to you. I do remember many times coming up to Utah and one of you kids were in "The Jail" and how great it was to read what you said about Grandpa I can hear it now. Love ya

Jenn E said...