Thursday, September 11, 2008

One in the same, I think.

So, frequently (like flippin' weekly) I have this little exchange at work, usually with someone I have just met or only worked with a few times:

Me: -Insert quick one liner here-. (This last weeks was said in answering a passengers question on how to open the bathroom door. I answered, "Just turn the knob and push". Then under my breath I said, "just like on your trailer." Hey, I was in a bad mood....)

Other person: You know who you remind me of?

Me: No. Who? (In my head: Geez- only do this once a week, but let's play along anyhoo--)

Other person: Karen, From Will and Grace.

Me: Noooo.... are you serious?

Other person: Dead on. Perfect.


So, in having this exchange this last week, I decided to do a little research. I have been closely watching episodes here and there and finally broke down this morning and did a youtube search. I think you'll find the similarities striking.

Um... Ok. Next?

On second thought...

Nope! But she is Fabulous!!!


pamo said...

oh thanks for the good laugh!

jodi said...

now we just need to find a Jack since you already have rosario

bradnlisa said...

If you ONLY had Karen Walker. Can I start calling you Sister Walker?